quote Hello Merry,

I ordered a bead from you about a year ago and I hoped you would like to see these photos...

My daughter married in January. She asked if she could borrow the Ash Bead that you made for me so her Grandparents would have a presence at her wedding.

She also considered it to be her something borrowed as well as her something old (my parents), something new (the bead) and something blue (also the bead).

Because I knew her groom was giving her a pendant as a wedding gift, I took a pin that my Mother had given my daughter as a child and had the bead attached to it so she could wear both.

She pinned it just under the bow of her dress, as you can hopefully see in the third photo.

Merry, I can't even begin to tell you how much this bead means to me, but it increases daily!

I want to thank you again for the wonderful beauty that you create through your work!

- Janet Murphy
(my daughter has asked me to thank you as well)

IMG_0629c IMG_0630 IMG_1094c


quote Please let Merry know that we love them and she did an excellent job on those beads. Thank you very much for assisting us throughout the whole process. It truly has been amazing.

God bless and wish you and Merry a wonderful Christmas!

- C&M, from Taiwan


quote Dear Merry, Thank you so very much for my mother & my ash necklaces. They're very beautiful and we will wear them often, thanks to you. You truly have a wonderful talent; they're lovely! We both appreciate your time, patience & care while thinking of us. It takes a pretty special person to do what you do!

Thank you!

- Caity & Tracey <3


quoteI have seen these beads and have felt their energy, and have been enthralled by their beauty. I can't think of a more precious remembrance.

- Warren Sanford


quoteThese beads are SO beautiful, truly one of a kind. Each one made with care, love and respect by Merry. She is an experienced artist, with a huge and loving heart. I can't imagine a better tribute to my Mother and such a beautiful way to keep a little bit of her essence with me, forever. I've had a portion of my mum's ashes for several years not really knowing what to do with them, and now I know... it was meant to be. My Mother would have loved these, she loved jewelry and beautiful things. My Aunt who is now 94 wants one too, to remember her only sister. I feel grateful I can give her this beautiful bead as a remembrance.

- Janet Carney


quoteThe beads and pendants that Merry Coor creates are made and then worn with a direct link to the heart. A challenge to light and one of my most rewarding projects ever!

- Christian Wisner, www.ecwisner.com

I also have more than 80 reviews on Etsy, with an average of 5 stars. Here are some of those reviews - you can read more reviews here.

Reviewed by geenzmail on March 22, 2016
quote These are absolutely beautiful! Merry does a wonderful job on these. I will recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you for making my daughter's ashes into something so special!


Reviewed by on March 22, 2016
quote Love, Love, Love this necklace! There really are no words to describe the beauty of this Bead, much less describe the feeling you have knowing your loved one is right there with you, but in an elegant, loving, beautiful way! One in a million!


Reviewed by Syrena Howard on March 18, 2016
quote Beautifully designed


Reviewed by qubas on March 15, 2016
quote Extremely beautiful! It turned out just like the photo and was completed very fast. I highly recommend this product! AWSOME!


Reviewed by Jeanine Gardon on February 27, 2016
quote These beads are breathtaking! The colors are deep and pure, the swirls defined and exact. Very, very glad I made this purchase. True artistry shows in the making.


Reviewed by Elisabeth on January 20, 2016
quote Absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough. It's more then just a bead, but memories, comfort, a connection. Much love.


Reviewed by linvmi on January 19, 2016
quote Excellent service and product quality!
Merry did a superb job, the beads are so beautiful. It was an amazing and comforting experience to be serviced by Merry and her loving staff. Highly recommended for anyone who wish to treasure and forever remember their loved ones.


Reviewed by courtney chwang on January 15, 2016
quote The bead is wonderful and as pretty as the photo shown. It's the last most menorable gift from my dad. Thanks Merry for making this for me!


Reviewed by mary yearwood on January 3, 2016
quote I love my AshBead. It is a great way to keep your loved one with you & close to your heart! Thank you so much Merry & your team for helping me keep my Mommy close! xoxoxo


Reviewed by judeat0265 on December 23, 2015
quote They are beautiful - and they were done and back to me in a short time!


Reviewed by Paul Frye on December 22, 2015
quote This item turned out gorgeous!!!! It turned out really well and my wife loved it!!!!
Thanks for the quick turn around!


Reviewed by Jeanine Gardon on December 20, 2015
quote these are pretty beads and very meaningful. that being said, keep in mind the photos shown on site appear to be professionally done. the blue in my beads was not this brilliant or clear. also, only one of my beads has a clear swirl. Still I would purchase again.
UPDATE: Merry has offered to redo beads I didn't love, so I will be sending 3 of them back for redo. You can't ask for better service than that. Will update after receiving new beads


Reviewed by Kelly Duncklee on December 18, 2015
quote Item was shipped with care in a timely manner. Mary stayed in contact with me and promptly answered any questions I had. The bead is so beautiful, a true reflection of my loved one lost.


Reviewed by kirapward on December 15, 2015
quote Beautiful, well made, a lot of thought went into its creation- it meant more to merry than just a bead- she cared about my grandad and who he was. Thoroughly recommend.


Reviewed by Karen Reinke on December 8, 2015
quote The Mourning beads are beautiful! They perfectly represent the unexpected depth and beauty of life itself.
They were the perfect memorial gift to give my son's aunts and grandmother, to be worn close to their hearts...


Reviewed by solomonphd on December 5, 2015
quote This is so meaningful and beautiful! Thank you so much!
My experience with this has been perfect. Great communication, respectful approach to ashes, and beautiful work! Thank you!


Reviewed by Hayley Bishop on December 4, 2015
quote My bead is absolutely perfect! I love it!


Reviewed by Lane Robertson on November 27, 2015
quote Merry was wonderful to work with and I felt completely comfortable entrusting her with such a priceless task. She was very thorough and made it known that she truly cares about the loved one for which this item is being created. I could not say enough to accurately relay how happy I am with the final product and how treasured it will be throughout my lifetime and passed down to other generations. She has memorialized my mother while simultaneously creating a precious heirloom.


Reviewed by tonya on November 27, 2015
quote My pendant turned out AMAZING!! Couldn't be more happy with Merry and her work. It arrived very quickly and was packaged well. Thank you SO much. Would recommend and buy again


Reviewed by Jordan Salazar on November 21, 2015
quote Its beautiful! Has a pink/purple hue in the light which completely filled my heart with joy. This is my little girl Callie, she was a 12 yr old long haired dapple mini dachshund with bright stunning blue eyes. And she will be with me close to my heart ???? Thank you Merry

(Read more Etsy reviews here.)