How it works

I will send you a padded, pre-paid envelope, along with instructions and a container for safe transportation, as well as a small spoon for measuring out the ashes. I only need a small amount (1 small spoonful per bead). If you wish, you may also send a photo of your loved one, the music that they like to listen to, and even a story about them. I will listen to their music, look at their photo, and put good intentions, energy, and heart into their bead.

I take making beads with ashes very seriously and begin each bead with the utmost respect.

When I go into my studio to make a bead, I am centered and my thoughts are clear. I am in a good mood. I put only my best energy into each bead. If I am sick or having a bad day, I don’t make beads. I only want good energy, love, and good thoughts incorporated into each bead I make.

Once your bead is complete, you will receive within 3 to 7 weeks the bead or beads you requested and any photos and information you may have sent me. The bead will be finished with your choice of an 18 inch sterling silver or gold filled chain, and clasps. Bead caps and head pins finish the bead into a pendant.

** For buyers outside the US **
As every country has it’s own set of rules on shipping ashes, you will need to arrange your own shipping to send ashes to me. Shipping instructions will be emailed to you once you’ve placed your order, and the finished beads will be shipped back to you at no additional cost.